Assistive Device Training

Assistive Device Training Services Provided By HRS

Assistive Device Training

Assistive Device Training

Instruction on proper use of assistive devices

Services Description

Assistive devices (AD) help compensate for the following impairments or conditions:
– Decreased balance/stability
– Decreased strength
– Decreased coordination
– Pain with weight bearing
– Amputation
– Fracture

Important Considerations
• The appropriate AD and its proper use are important for safety and security in maneuvering the environment, as well as conserving energy.
• AD;s should be selected and fitted by a professional (Physical Therapist) prior to their use. Important Considerations (cont.)
• The caregiver must be aware of the client’s abilities and disabilities;
• The caregiver must provide safety for the client through proper guarding and instructions during activities where AD,s are used; – this may include preparing the client mentally and/or physically for the upcoming activity
Types of AD’s
• Standard Walker • Rolling Walker (2 wheels) • Rollator (4 wheels) • Hemi-walker • Quad Cane • Single Point Cane


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