Patient's Rights

Patient's Rights Advice Provided By HRS

Patient's Rights

Patient’s Rights

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You as a patient, have the right to decision making, financial information and quality of care.
We have listed below points that you may find helpful:

  • Receive information about organization ownership and control.
  • Have a relationship with our staff that is based on honesty and ethical standards of conduct and have ethical issues addressed. We will inform you of any financial benefit we receive if we refer you to another organization, service, individual or other reciprocal relationship.
  • Be free from mental, physical/sexual/verbal abuse, neglect or exploitation.
  • Mutual respect and personal dignity towards your cultural, psycho-social, spiritual and personal values, beliefs and preferences will be respected and maintained.Discrimination based on social status, political beliefs, sexual preference, race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex or handicap will be prohibited. Exchange of gifts are also not entertained in the organization.
  • Receive information in a user-friendly manner to ensure accurate communication.
  • Every justified complaint from you or your family will be heard, reviewed and resolved regarding treatment,care or lack of facilities . Documentation of both existence of a complaint and its resolution will be done in accordance with Problem Solving Procedure.
  • Recommendations and suggestions for changes in policy, staff, or service/care are welcomed without having fear of coercion, discrimination, restraint, interference, reprisal or unreasonable interruption of care, treatment or services for doing so.
  • All the queries about area home care agencies and complaints regarding the implementation of the advance directives requirements will be available on 24*7 state’s toll free home care “hotline number”-1-800-882-6006 .Bureau of Health Services Abuse Hotline- Michigan, 1-800-669-3534 Home Health Hotline – Ohio.


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