Making Home Safe

Making Your Home Safe

If you have an elderly loved one at home, then you probably are concerned with senior safety. Statistics show that falls are today the leading cause of injury deaths in elderly persons. Besides fall risk, there are many other safety issues that you certainly need to beware of. In this article, you will learn how to identify and reduce many of these risks so as to be able to keep not only your elderly loved one safer but also your family.

1) Uneven Flooring
Elderly people usually have difficulty in perceiving depth, muscle control as well as balance. This normally results in hesitation walking, an unsteady walk and sometimes dizziness. To make walking as safe and easy as possible for them, ensure all floors in and around the home are level as well as sturdy. Carpets can be your safest choice. They should be tacked down and secured in place with a mounting tape. If possible, put rubber mats and grip guards on stair treads and around wet areas, including the floor space in front of the kitchen sink, the bathroom floor, among other places.

2) Hazardous Showers and Bathtubs
Did you know that 4 out of 5 serious bathroom injuries are as a result of a fall? The biggest culprits are falls in the shower and bathtub. To ensure senior safety and the safety of other family members, take the following precautions:

Think about installing an elderly-friendly option in the bathroom such as a walk-in tub or barrier free shower.

  • Put rubber mats or any other non-slip aids on the bathroom floor.
  • Install grab bars in the toilet and bathroom.
  • Provide good bathroom lighting
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