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Every caregiver wants his/her loved one to continue to live at home, it is important to consider certain safety modifications.

Adaptations such as those in the following list can ease the burden on the caregiver and increase the independence, safety and dignity of your loved one or your patient.
General Safety

  • Use sturdy chairs that do not tip
  • Post emergency telephone numbers
  • Remove furniture with sharp corners
  • Disable automatic locks on storm
  • Hide an extra set of keys outside the house
  • Store sharp kitchen tools in locked cabinets.

Fire Safety

  • Keep fire extinguishers accessible in every room.
  • Install radiator covers and insulate hot water pipes to prevent burns.
  • Prevent fires by moving furniture so that it does not come in contact with radiators.
  • Lower hot water temperature to 120 degrees to prevent scalding.


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