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Patient Evaluation

Evaluation of Patient

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Evaluation in health care includes three approaches, structure, process and outcome.It depends upon the focus of evaluation and the criteria being used.

  • Structure evaluations deals with physical facilities, equipment, staffing, and other characteristics of the infrastructure that has an effect on the quality of care being provided.
  • Process evaluations are concerned with the activities of the provider and their procedure in implementing nursing care. The criteria used here is the Standards of Nursing Practice developed by the American Nurses Association.
  • Outcome evaluations is mainly patient- and goal-oriented. Thus, outcome evaluation is the measurement of a patient’s progress or regress towards achievement of specified goals.

How do we measure Patient-centered care?

According to The Institute of Medicine (IOM) care is defined as, the responsibility towards individual patient’s preferences, needs and values.

The IOM further separates patient-centered care into 8 dimensions, including respect for patient preferences, information, medication communication, coordination of care, emotional support, physical comfort, involvement of the family, continuity and transition, and access to care. The dominant metric used here is patient satisfaction, which is measured on the basis of one of the above mentioned 8 dimensions.


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