Dressing Assistance

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Dressing Assistance

Dressing Assistance For Patients

Services Description

Dressing becomes more difficult as we age, with the motions of taking clothes off and putting them on, our registered staff will assist your loved ones with these daily tasks. Moreover, selecting what to wear for the day can be a daunting task in itself, especially in a cluttered environment.

If necessary, we will work with your loved ones in organizing their closet and clothes in a manner that allows for ease of access and convenience. We make sure any suggestions we offer are OK with your loved ones, as one’s closet is their personal space – something we respect.

Many elderly still enjoy the process of choosing an outfit to wear for the day. We allow your loved ones to partake in as much of the dressing process as possible before we assist – such as zippers, buttons, or shoe assistance. There are many clothing ideas that work well for the elderly such as fasteners that use Velcro. As for putting on sweaters or shirts, we always suggest the weak arm goes in first and the strong arm comes out last to minimize the physical stress involved.


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