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Joint Protection

Joint Protection Education

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The purpose of joint protection is to allow participation in daily activities with the least amount of damage to the affected joints. Following these guidelines can help reduce pain, inflammation and injury resulting from too much joint stress, and preserve the internal structures of the joint.

Joint protection is a process that has the following two major components:

  • A thorough assessment of an individual’s activities to determine the potential of each to contribute to worsening pain, inflammation, instability and/or deformity of an already abnormal joint.
  • Creation of a program of behavioral modifications, supplemented if necessary with splints, braces, or other equipment designed to minimize further joint damage.

The process of joint protection also includes energy conservation, which is a paced, more efficient use of muscles and joints. These principles encourage individuals with arthritis to utilize their bodies in a manner to minimize pain, swelling, and associated limitations of movement and function.


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